Coffee, Community, Culture | Shanita Nicholas & Amanda-Jane Thomas, Co-Founders, Sip & Sonder

Coffee, Community, Culture | Shanita Nicholas & Amanda-Jane Thomas, Co-Founders, Sip & Sonder

While the 12th largest city within Los Angeles County (with 88 separate jurisdictions), with a population of approximately 110,000, Inglewood has experienced unprecedented development. In 2016, the NFL’s Rams and Chargers announced a move to Inglewood.  Subsequently, the landmark Forum was sold, renovated, and returned as live concert venue.  And now talks are underway for the development of a new home for the NBA Los Angeles Clippers franchise.  Additionally, the LA Metro’s new Crenshaw/LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) line, designed to provide LAX with a connection to the regional rail system, will consist of eight new stations that will serve Inglewood and its environs.

Looking to capitalize on the economic development taking place, but also responding to the lack of outlets for local talent and the creative community to find space for expansive expression and collaboration in the Black community, Amanda-Jane Thomas and Shanita Nicholas, two lawyers by training and profession, joined forces to create Sip & Sonder.    With a goal to provide the start-up and creative communities with access to a space where business and networks could be forged while drinking coffee, Amanda-Jane and Shanita established Sip & Sonder in 2017 in Downtown Inglewood, the city’s first specialty coffee house.

Join us as we discuss the role of coffee shops in creating and building community; their journey as Black female entrepreneurs; and the impact of Inglewood’s surge of investment on the city and small businesses.   To learn more and get involved, please visit

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