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Community Spotlight: Koreatown | Janet Burt, Lewis Brisbois; OG Chino, Escala K-town & Alexander Kim, Three Kings Public Affairs

During the 1970s, after the United States relaxed immigration restrictions, more Koreans began to settle in what became Los Angeles’s 2.7-mile neighborhood of Koreatown. Over time, this enclave of Korean immigrants has become a hotbed of Korean culture – from Korean BBQ to K-Pop – making a significant impact on the culture and economy of our region.

As CivitasLA celebrates Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month, we are joined by three community and civic leaders, Janet Burt, Director of Diversity and Business Development, Lewis Brisbois; Alexander Kim, CEO, Three Kings Public Affairs; and OG Chino, Owner, Escala K-Town as we discuss the history of this neighborhood, the evolution of Korean American civic and political participation in our community, and the economic and cultural impacts on our region.

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