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Crowdfunding Community | Quentin Strode, President & CEO, NEW Community Investments

From an article by Meredith Wood, entitled: “What Is Crowdfunding? Definition, How It Works, Types,” she notes “Crowdfunding is a form of financing a project or business venture by raising small amounts of money from a collective of individuals. There are over 600 different crowdfunding platforms in the world that make it easy for entrepreneurs, investors, and people to connect. Anyone with an idea has the chance to pitch it to available investors. It’s a young, yet popular form of both crowdsourcing and alternative financing.”

As CivitasLA continues its recognition of National Entrepreneurship Month, a time – as shared in a White House proclamation – to celebrate entrepreneurs who “combine passion, resilience, and ingenuity to solve hard problems and create products and businesses that improve our lives,” we’re joined by Quentin Strode, President and CEO of NEW Community Investments as he shares a new resource, Impresario, an innovative crowd-sourced capital access solution aimed at furthering their mission of building economic development and financial sustainability among women, minority, and veteran-owned entrepreneurs in underserved communities. To learn more, please visit: https://impresariobynew.org/

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