Rev. Kathy Cooper Ledesma & Rabbi Mari Chernow

Interfaith Community | Reverend Kathy Cooper Ledesma, Senior Pastor, Hollywood United Methodist Church & Rabbi Mari Chernow, Senior Rabbi, Temple Israel of Hollywood

Author David J. Wolpe, in “Why Faith Matters,” states “On balance, religion increases social stability, enabling people to live happier, more productive and better lives. That does not demonstrate religion’s truth. It does remind us, however, that we are creatures designed to flourish – to heal and to help – when we believe.”

Exploring the state of our local faith community, CivitasLA is joined by two of our region’s most noted faith leaders, Rev. Kathy Cooper Ledesma, Senior Pastor of Hollywood United Methodist Church, described as “…one of the most famous churches on the Pacific Coast” and Rabbi Mari Chernow, Senior Rabbi of Temple Israel of Hollywood, “a historic reform congregation in the heart of Los Angeles that serves as a vibrant hub Jewish life” as we discuss the central role their respective institutions have played in nurturing faith and their engagement in the civic life of the Hollywood community and of our region. To learn more, please visit:;

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