Alex Valente

Journaling Los Angeles | Alex Valente, SVP, Trammell Crow

With a goal to better understand the diverse communities and property types he was responsible for building across the region as a developer, Alex Valente, SVP, Trammell Crow Company, joins CivitasLA and shares his unique experience during the pandemic of decamping from his home and living in five different neighborhoods and multi-family property types across the region (over the course of 18 months!)

Hear Alex’s journey as he experienced the distinct communities of Marina Del Rey, Chinatown/El Puebo, Bunker Hill, Koreatown, Santa Monica, and then Hollywood. Alex shares his take on these very different communities; perspectives on Los Angeles; and lessons learned and how it informs his work as a developer. To learn more, please visit Trammell Crow Company at

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