Richard Ayoub

Meeting This Moment | Richard Ayoub, Executive Director, Project Angel Food

Founded during a time of crisis, in response to the HIV/AIDS pandemic in the late 1980’s, Project Angel Food has served as a reliable lifeline to thousands of community members diagnosed with critical life- threatening illness.

Envisioning a world where every sick person is fed, nourished, and loved, Project Angel Food prepares and delivers over one million meals a year, free of charge to people who face hunger, isolation, and critical illness.  Since its founding in 1989, Project Angel Food has delivered over 13 million free medically tailored meals across 4000+ square miles of Los Angeles County, from the Antelope Valley to the South Bay.

In addition to serving the nutrition needs of critically ill people, the COVID 19 pandemic has brought forth new challenges – including economic, housing and food insecurity – which has made food banks and other food programs more essential than ever.  Join Project Angel Food’s Executive Director, Richard Ayoub, as we discuss the remarkable journey of the organization, its evolution, and how it’s risen – yet again – to the challenges brought on by another pandemic, and how they are meeting this COVID 19 moment to be of service to community members facing critical illness as well as food insecurity.  To learn more and get involved, please visit

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