Robert Sausedo

#Partners#People#Promise | Robert Sausedo, President & CEO, Community Build

Founded in 1992 in the aftermath of the civil unrest in Los Angeles, which witnessed over $1 Billion in economic damage, Community Build came into being with a purpose to empower people, build platforms for human capital investment, promote economic development and to deliver critical programs and services.

From those difficult days, the South Los Angeles region, comprising over 51 square miles, more than 750,000 residents, and 28 neighborhoods has witnessed a significant increase in public and private investment, with major projects underway.  Yet, with rising investment also comes increased community concern over potential displacement and a host of other issues.

Join us as we speak with Robert Sausedo, President & CEO of Community Build, as he shares his firsthand experience at the civil unrest in 1992, the work of Community Build in rebuilding South LA, and discusses the economic potential of the region going forward.  To learn more and get involved, please visit:

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