Natalie Samarjian

Redefining Leadership | Natalie Samarjian, President & CEO, Coro Southern California

Founded in San Francisco in 1942 to train young veterans in the leadership skills necessary to assure that our democratic system of government could more effectively meet the needs of its citizens, Coro Southern California has operated since 1957, with a mission to strengthen the democratic process by preparing emerging leaders for effective and ethical leadership in public affairs.

Join CivitasLA in conversation with Natalie Samarjian, President and CEO of Coro Southern California (herself a Coro alum) as we discuss their work in redefining what leadership means and looks like and their efforts towards building the next generation of community builders and leaders in our region who can engage in systems thinking and possess the ability to collaborate with other innovators across sectors, ideologies, and backgrounds.

Under Natalie’s leadership, Coro has developed a new strategic plan, expanded programs, partnerships, and revenue, and cultivated a growing community of Coro alumni who are transforming communities across the country. ( To learn more and get involved, please visit:

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