Tunua Thrash Ntuk

Resourcing Community | Tunua Thrash-Ntuk, President & CEO, The Center by Lendistry

Reports suggest that approximately 10% of all American businesses are Black-owned.  However, this community of businesses witnessed the sharpest decline due to the COVID 19 pandemic, with 41% of businesses closing, according to April 2020 census data.  Since then, Black-owned businesses have rebounded, with 2021 showing the strongest creation of small businesses in the past two decades.

As CivitasLA celebrates Black Business Month, a time to acknowledge the contribution of black business owners and entrepreneurs, and the contribution of black-owned business to our economy, we are joined by

Tunua Thrash-Ntuk, the inaugural President & CEO for The Center by Lendistry, as we discuss the state of Black business in our region and their work providing the critical tools and resources to impact small businesses in underserved communities. 

Ms. Thrash-Ntuk is a seasoned community and economic development practitioner with more than 15-years of experience in both non-profit and private sectors. Her strengths range from community advocacy, to asset, and real estate development around neighborhood revitalization.  To learn more, please visit: https://thecenterbylendistry.org/about-us/

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