Rochelle Mills

Advancing Economic Diversity | Rochelle Mills, President & CEO, Innovative Housing Opportunities

As we celebrate Women’s History Month (March 2021), CivitasLA is excited to be joined by Rochelle Mills, President & CEO of Innovative Housing Opportunities.   Honored as a “woman of influence” at the inaugural Orange County Power Women award ceremony, celebrating 20 outstanding women who are leading and shaping commercial real estate, we invite you to join this dialogue on how economic diversity creates more sustainable and stable communities and how, according to IHO’s motto, “it starts with housing.”

Founded in 1976 to help business and government address issues of affordable housing and the shortage of low-moderate income housing in Irvine, CA, Innovative Housing has greatly expanded as they provide high-quality, well- designed affordable housing across Southern California.

In doing this work, IHO works to build thriving communities by integrating a range of resident services and programs into each project and works to integrate each project into the fabric of each community it works in, placing strong emphasis on community engagement.   To learn more about IHO, please visit:

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