Janet Elliott

Building Global Community through Citizen Diplomacy | Janet Elliott, President & CEO, International Visitors Council of Los Angeles

Building bridges between Los Angeles and the world, the International Visitors Council of Los Angeles (IVCLA) plays a crucial role in creating international connections; cultivating local innovation; and activating global potential.

Celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, IVCLA develops leadership exchanges and advances a range of cross border programs that addresses critical issues, including: alleviating chronic poverty and hunger, creating sustainable communities, promoting tolerance through the arts, empowering women in leadership, controlling infectious diseases, eliminating human trafficking, and promoting civic engagement, amongst others.  Many of the international visitors that have participated in IVCLA programs have become leaders in and of their respective governments.

While COVID-19 has made cross-cultural and international collaboration and connection more challenging than ever, the work of IVCLA has become more vital to the health and well-being of our international state system and the success of our world post-pandemic. Join us for our conversation with Janet Elliott, President & CEO, International Visitors Council of Los Angeles, as we discuss the work of IVCLA; how IVCLA has adapted to facilitate connections and foster citizen diplomacy in new and innovative ways; and the important role IVCLA plays in the civic fabric of Los Angeles and connecting Los Angeles to the world.  To learn more and get involved, please visit www.IVCLA.org.

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