D'Artagnan Scorza

Creating Thriving Communities | D’Artagnan Scorza, Founder & Executive Director, Social Justice Learning Institute

Formed in 2008 “to empower individuals to stand up, create change, and help their communities thrive,” the Social Justice Learning Institute (SJLI) works to serve youth of color through educational programs in the City of Inglewood and across South Los Angeles; seeks to transform neighborhoods and improve the built environment; and aims to foster systems change through collaboration and cultivation of a new generation of leaders.

Empowering individuals to advocate for community-centered development has also been a goal of SJLI, while working in concert with others seeking to promote sustainable community investment amidst a rapidly changing landscape underway in Inglewood.  While the 12th largest city within Los Angeles County (with 88 separate jurisdictions), with a population of approximately 110,000, Inglewood has experienced unprecedented development. In 2016, the NFL’s Rams and Chargers announced a move to Inglewood.  Subsequently, the landmark Forum was sold, renovated, and returned as live concert venue.  And now talks are underway for the development of a new home for the NBA Los Angeles Clippers franchise.  Additionally, the LA Metro’s new Crenshaw/LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) line, designed to provide LAX with a connection to the regional rail system, will consist of eight new stations that will serve Inglewood and its environs.

Join us in our conversation with D’Artagnan Scorza, Founder and Executive Director of the Social Justice Learning Institute (SJLI), President of the Board of the Inglewood Unified School District, and named among the 40 Emerging Civic Leaders Under 40 (in 2018) as we discuss their work empowering youth and building leadership and navigating the challenges and opportunities presented by the economic forces being faced by Inglewood.  To learn more and get involved, please visit www.sjli.org.

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