Stephen Cheung

Facilitating Global Connections and Commerce | Stephen Cheung, President, World Trade Center Los Angeles

As Southern California celebrates World Trade Week (WTW), which for more than 90 years has brought focus to the important role international commerce has played in shaping our region, we’re joined by Stephen Cheung, President of the World Trade Center Los Angeles, to discuss LA’s place in the global commercial community; the economic impact of trade and investment on the region; and the role WTCLA plays in fostering critical cross border connections.

The McKinsey Global Institute, in a report entitled “Urban America: US cities in the global economy,” projected Los Angeles to become the fourth-largest city in the world ranked by GDP (with Tokyo being #1 and New York City #2).  Key to this success, for LA and others, is building connections to other US cities and global cities which is seen as “a source of strength and new ideas.”    

With a mission to make Los Angeles the nation’s leading center for international trade, the WTCLA is dedicated to attracting foreign direct investment to the Los Angeles region and facilitating business opportunities for the region’s business community and their counterparts globally.  In carrying out that mission, WTCLA offers several important programs and services that seek to educate, inform, and foster cross border collaboration and connections that can result in mutually beneficial and sustainable economic opportunity.  To learn more and get involved, please visit

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