Noel Hacegaba

Growing Green | Dr. Noel Hacegaba, Deputy Executive Director/COO, Port of Long Beach

As the Greater Los Angeles region celebrates its 95th annual World Trade Week, with the theme:  GLOBAL TRADE – The Road to Economic Recovery, few institutions will play a greater role in the region’s recovery than our ports.  The San Pedro Bay Port Complex moves roughly 40% of all inbound cargo entering the U.S., supports over 170,000 jobs locally (and nearly 3,000,000 nationally), and generates over $5 billion a year in U.S. Customs revenues.

Ports, and the goods movement sector, are also known to cause environmental impacts to air, water and land, and pose risks to the health and well-being of those who live in close proximity to ports and rail yards, who are disproportionately low-income and working-class households.

Join us in conversation with Dr. Noel Hacegaba, Deputy Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer of the Port of Long Beach (POLB), the second busiest port in the U.S., as we discuss how the POLB is navigating these complex issues by showing leadership in “greening” the port, mitigating community impacts of their operations, while positioning the port to remain an essential player in growing our regional economy.  For more about the Port of Long Beach, please visit:

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