Nourishing LA

Nourishing Community | Nora Houndalas, Le Petit Greek; Claire Risoli, PochaLA & Robert Schwan, Gjelina

A recent study indicates that of all things consumers want to do in a post-pandemic world, going to a restaurant is the top item. In fact, 62 percent of all respondents indicated this is the first thing they’ll do. While restaurants are great for our collective psyche, they’re also great for the economy. Considering just the independent restaurants – not chains or other types of operations – the number of people independent restaurants employ in New York City alone is greater than the number employed by the entire United States aviation industry.

As CivitasLA celebrates DineLA Restaurant week, join us in conversation with Nora Houndalas, Le Petit Greek (Larchmont); Claire Risoli, PochaLA (Highland Park); and Robert Schwan, Gjelina (Venice), as we discuss the role restaurants play in our respective communities, their impact on our local economies, and where they eat out when not at their own restaurants. To learn more, please visit:;;

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