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On the Waterfront | Wayne Ratkovich, The Ratkovich Company

Home to the Port of Los Angeles (one of the busiest seaports in the world and the leading container port in the U.S.), the San Pedro community consists of just under 12 square miles with a population of approximately 80,000. However, as the gateway for international commerce, this historic community occupies a singularly unique place in the Greater Los Angeles region.

With a mission to “profitably produce developments that improve the quality of urban life,” we’re joined by Wayne Ratkovich, Founder and Chairman of The Ratkovich Company, to discuss their latest project, West Harbor, and its role in current efforts to re-brand San Pedro as a historical community with new and exciting employment opportunities and a high and ever-improving quality of life.” (https://buildsanpedro.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/San-Pedro-2018-Report-5.0-FINAL.pdf). Spurred by initiatives such as Measure P, the waterfront community will see over $1 billion in infrastructure improvements by the Port of LA and another $500 million in private investment in the area, with projects such as West Harbor playing a vital role.

Wayne Ratkovich and his team, over the course of four decades, have simultaneously transformed and preserved the urban landscape of Los Angeles. From the historic preservation of the Oviatt Building in Downtown Los Angeles to the redevelopment of Howard Hughes’ original aircraft hangers in West Los Angeles, iconic projects like the Wiltern in Mid City and The Bloc in DTLA, to projects in Alhambra, the Ratkovich company has touched every corner of the city. To learn more, please visit:  www.ratkovich.com.

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