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Revitalizing the Urban Core | Jessica Lall, President & CEO, Central City Association of Los Angeles

Representing just 1% of the land mass of the City of Los Angeles, Downtown LA (DTLA) is emerging, in some sense, as “the Center of It All.”  Attracting billions of dollars in investment over the past two decades, DTLA’s revitalization has been remarkable.   Known principally as a business center, which closed after 5 pm, DTLA has become the city’s fastest growing community, with 30% of new apartments built in the city, or nearly 50,000 units.  The current population of approximately 80,000 people has nearly doubled over the past decade.   Continued residential growth for DTLA is projected to reach 250,000 people living in the area by 2040.

As a major employment center, DTLA houses over 68 million square feet of office space, 22 million square feet of retail space, and the surge of new hotel development has resulted in over 9,000 hotels rooms that support 22 million visitors, annually.

Leading the way in this revitalization effort has been the Central City Association (CCA), advocating for policies that enhance the vibrancy of Downtown Los Angeles, increasing investment in the region, and navigating the challenges that face the community.  Its diverse membership of businesses, trade associations and nonprofit organizations collectively employ more than 350,000 people.

Join CCA’s President & CEO, Jessica Lall, as she discusses the impact of CCA on the Downtown revitalization and their vision for the future of this fast-growing community.  To learn more and become involved, please visit:

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