Hal Bastian

Roses & Lemons, An Inside Look at DTLA | Hal Bastian, Executive Vice President, Major Properties

For nearly 40 years, the Downtown Breakfast Club has served to recognize, foster, and encourage the orderly and planned growth of Downtown Los Angeles. The group consists of individual representatives from all major sectors, including real estate, banking, international investment, architects & engineers, urban planners, investment brokers, insurance development organizations and governmental agencies.  Meeting on a bi-monthly basis, the group maintains a profile of current business activity through featured guest speakers and works to encourage and support sound principles of developing a better quality of life for Downtown Los Angeles.

Join us as we follow this remarkable evolution of a community in Los Angeles with Hal Bastian, known as “Mr. Downtown,” and explore the fits and starts of transforming DTLA and its subsequent rise.   And we look at the Downtown Breakfast Club’s annual event bringing together hundreds of civic leaders to celebrate the highlights (Roses) and low lights (Lemons) in the DTLA evolution.  To know “What’s Up?” in DTLA please visit www.HalBastian.com or visit www.majorproperties.com

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