Dr. Bettye and Prof. Hal Walker

Shooting the Moon | Dr. Bettye and Prof. Hal Walker, Founders, African American Male Achievers Network (A-MAN)

As we celebrate Black History Month (February 2021), CivitasLA is excited to be joined by Prof. Hal Walker and his wife, Dr. Bettye Walker, as we discuss his groundbreaking career in the world of science and space technology in Southern California. And how that life’s work led them to launch the African – American Male Achievers Network (A-MAN) in Los Angeles, and subsequently expand that work to South Africa, to grow access to opportunities for communities of color in the science and technology arena.

Hildreth “Hal” Walker, aerospace engineer and scientist, was an early pioneer in the field of laser telemetry who, amongst many accomplishments, was the first person to successfully fire the Laser to the Moon during the Apollo 11 Moon Landing in 1969. Walker’s space technology career dates to 1959 where he served as a technical member of the RCA Corporation’s Ballistic Missile Early Warning System (BMEWS) team; served as a laser systems specialist for KORAD Laser Systems in the early 1960’s; and participated in the development of the first Tactical Laser Target Designator System for the U.S. Army while at Hughes Aircraft Company, where he retired after serving in management.

With his wife Bettye, an educational leader in the Los Angeles area, they co-founded A-MAN, with a mission to utilize STEM-related projects as a motivational tool to advance educational achievement, intellectual and career development of African American, Latino and other under-represented minority students from pre-Kindergarten thru 12th grades. A-MAN works to increase diversity and representation in this thriving sector.

Join us in our conversation with Hal and Bettye, as we discuss their work in bringing science and technology to life for young minds; the community A-MAN has developed and their achievements; and share their perspectives on growing diverse representation and participation in science and technology careers.  To learn more and get involved, please visit: (http://www.aman.org/our-history.html; http://www.a-mansasciencecenter.com/about/)

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