Ayahlushim Getachew & Kacy Keys

Women Building Community | Ayahlushim Getachew, Principal, T.A. Group & Kacy Keys, Founder, Praxis Development Group

In an article entitled “Women are underrepresented in CRE – Here’s how we change it” the author notes “while 64% of all residential realtors are women, in CRE (commercial real estate), that number is roughly 36.7%. Zippia.com, which tracks real estate developer demographics, the numbers further show that amongst developers, women represent 33% versus 67% for men. And, that Black or African American developers represent roughly 9% of all developers. And these numbers are significantly lower for Southern California.

Navigating the competitive world of commercial real estate development, Ayahlushim Getachew, Principal of the T.A. Group and Kacy Keys, Founder of Praxis Development Group join CivitasLA to share their respective journeys as real estate and economic development professionals before launching their development firms, offering their perspectives as women and how their experiences have shaped how they approach projects and engage in the work of building communities in which they operate. To learn more, please visit www.praxisdevgroup.com.

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