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Creating a Better Community | Bea Stotzer, Co-Founder, New Economics for Women

Reports suggest Latinas, a fast-growing segment of the U.S. population, will represent 30% of the female population by 2060. However, statistics have also shown that 3 in 10 Latina households have zero or negative wealth. Recognizing the wealth gap as a call to action, New Economics for Women was founded – in 1984 – with a mission to provide a voice and leadership for low-income and low-wealth immigrant Latinas and their families.

CivitasLA is joined by Bea Stotzer, Co-Founder of New Economics for Women (NEW) to discuss their efforts to build community and spark economic mobility for women through wealth creation, housing, education, entrepreneurship, and civic engagement. NEW has built spaces and designed solutions, educated people, and invested in communities across the Greater Los Angeles region, while the organization’s social enterprise has cultivated 13 different private/public partnerships and developed another nonprofit organization.

Bea, a nationally recognized business leader and family advocate who has devoted her life to creating economic and business solutions for poor families, leveraged an initial $97,000 grant into $300 million in investments for NEW. Bea currently chairs the Los Angeles County Women and Girls Initiative Governing Council. To learn more about NEW and to get involved, please visit:

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