Kevin Demoff, LA Rams

Whose House? | Kevin Demoff, Chief Operating Officer, Los Angeles Rams

From an article entitled: “The Importance of Sports in Society,” it notes “Sports are a telling reflection of a society’s values, and they are a significant contributor as well, especially in the United States. Sports impact our culture, our other sources of entertainment and our economy.”

Join CivitasLA in discussion with Kevin Demoff, Chief Operating Officer of the Los Angeles Rams, as we discuss the role that sport plays in building community, the extensive civic and community engagement undertaken by the Rams since their return to the region, and the impact winning the Super Bowl has on their continued reintegration into the fabric of the Los Angeles community.

Serving in his 14th year as COO, Kevin has been responsible for re-organizing the club’s business efforts with a focus on delivering a better overall experience for fans, building a team that reflects Los Angeles, and increasing the club’s presence in the community. Since the team’s return, in 2016, the Rams have been the third winningest team in the National Football League; completed the development of SoFi Stadium (the most cutting-edge sports facility in the world), are investing billions in additional residential, commercial and mixed-use development in Inglewood; and have hosted – and won – Super Bowl LVI. To learn more, please visit:

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